Indigenous Mentorship Network of Ontario (IMN-Ontario)

IMNP LogoArchived website. IMN-Ontario has moved to McMaster University. Please visit their website (to be launched shortly) for current information.

IMN-Ontario is a five-year health training program, funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) to provide Indigenous scholars and trainees with high quality mentorship, training, and opportunities to engage in Indigenous health and well-being research. 

Inspired by an Anishinabe concept, Mno Nimkodadding Geegi (translation: “we are all connected”), IMN-Ontario is committed to growing and supporting community-based health and well-being research and training opportunities for Indigenous trainees and researchers in Ontario. 

Our overarching goal is to support and grow the next generation of Indigenous health scholars. When we support Indigenous health scholars to serve the research needs and capacities of Ontario’s Indigenous communities, we can advance Indigenous health equity in the province.

We invite all students (current, prospective, and/or past) and Indigenous communities and organizations interested in Indigenous health and well-being research to join our mailing list. We welcome general enqueries and/or requests to facilitate connections with our mentors and their research, please email our Program Coordinator: